Nano Clow


Having started a career as a television and commercial actor, Nano transitioned behind the camera and moved to Vancouver, BC to study film production at the University of British Columbia. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts and simultaneously screening his student projects all around North America, Nano took some time away to focus on writing his first feature. Back into full-time film as of summer 2017, Nano has quickly gained credits writing, directing, and producing projects such as music videos for bands like Said the Whale and Hey Ocean, multiple commercial projects, and multiple short films to name a few. 

Blake Davey

director of photography

Blake Davey is a Canadian cinematographer currently based out of Vancouver, Canada with experience shooting narrative,  lyrical,  commercial and  documentary  film.  He  studied Film  Production  at the  University  of  British Columbia.  As of late,  he  has travelled  abroad  for commercial  work in  places such  as Ireland, Japan, Thailand, Guatemala,  Panama, South  Korea, and the  North West  Territories. His  cinematography  is recognized for being conceptual, vibrant and energetic.

Dylan Schmid

lead actor

Dylan Schmid is an up-and-coming powerhouse in Canadian film. Beginning acting professionally at the age of six, Dylan quickly gained attention and booked a principal role on "Once Upon a Time" in no time. Most recently being lauded for his performances in Hulu's "Shut-Eye" and Netflix's "1922", Dylan is making a name for himself with serious, artistically important roles. 

Dylan and the team worked together on the short film "GUTS".


Josh Huculiak


Josh Huculiak has produced over 50 music videos and commercials for Fortune 500 companies, as well as a documentary for a national broadcaster. Highly in demand as a line producer, he has spent most of his professional career finding projects that take him around the world; most recently films in Australia, New York and London. Josh was invited to the TIFF Talent Lab, Strategic Partners, and attended the Rotterdam Lab in 2017. Following the success of his first feature film, "VIOLENT", Josh continues to lead his team through their sophomore film, "I'm Not a Bad Person."

Nicole Irene Dyck


Nicole Irene Dyck's projects have won dozens of awards internationally and continue to attract attention for their unexampled approach to further marry the worlds of film, music, and interactive. Working in a variety of mediums and genres Nicole Irene’s projects are all unified by their stunning visuals, dominant storytelling and groundbreaking directors. With specialty in film strategy and maximizing festival experience her prevailing is to provide development and advanced marketing support to promising emerging filmmakers.

Cayne McKenzie


Cayne McKenzie has spent his whole life writing music. He sings and plays piano for WE ARE THE CITY and has found another creative voice in the formation and execution of videos. Since the success of his first film, "Violent", Cayne has gained high regard for his powerful and intuitive soundscapes and continues to work as composer for a variety of commercial, documentary, short film and TV projects. Notable works include projects with Lululemon, Uber, and documentary feature: A Brony Tale (TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL 2014).


GUTS is a scene from PARIS that has been adapted into a short film.


With pressure to stay silent, a boy is forced to deal with his secret head on as the victim's sister walks into his shop.


Canada | 10 minutes | 2018 |  Colour | English


written + directed by: Nano Clow | starring: Dylan Schmid | producer: Joaquin Cardoner | director of photography: Blake Davey